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IMPORTANT NOTE (APRIL 15TH 2014): The games featured on this website were created in flash format almost 10 years ago. Technology has advanced since then and flash is now obsolete and has been replaced. This site will continue to function while on a desktop or laptop but will not allow game play in a mobile or tablet environment. We have added code alerting our users if the site will not function on their platform and have provided them a link to our sister site, http://reviewgamezone.com which can provide review games in a format compatible on mobile phones and tablets. If you have not visited our sister site please take a few minutes. You will notice that it is much more modern and technologically advanced, contains several hundred more question sets and even allows teachers to input and create their own games. Thank you for your support over the years.

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Any teacher can create games using a simple form on the website. Simply input the question data, write the answer choices and that’s it! The games are automatically created and provide interactive review for exams or quizzes.



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Astronomy (Intro) - Sample Study Sheet


Hello and welcome to Science Review Games. This entire site was created to provide students with a fun and interactive incentive to review material for upcoming exams and quizzes.

Effectiveness of Games

As with anything, the kids that want to study will, however, I have noticed that kids, who would typically not open their books to review for my exams, are now parking themselves in front of the computer and playing a few games the night before the exam. I understand that this site is not meant to replace my notes or in class labs/worksheets, but I have seen a dramatic increase in student study habits.

School Districts Fire Wall and Website Blocking

It has come to my attention that some schools are now blocking this site. I have written to several districts and they informed me that this is being done because software automatically searches each website for certain keywords and phrases. One keyword from this site is "games" which many schools currently block automatically. It doesn't matter that these are "educational games", the system automatically blocks them. This site is 100% educational and can only improve student work habits! If this site is blocked at your school, please contact your system administration and let them know that this site may be blocked in error and request a manual review of this site. Most districts unblock the site once they realize this is a site dedicated to education and not just for playing games.

How to Use the Site

A few days prior to the exam I usually create my test for the class. Then I log onto my site (ScienceReviewGames.com) and browse the topics. I jot down each topic ID # (located next to the page title) that is relevant for this particular exam on this study sheet, then print it out, make copies, and give it to my students as a way to prepare for exams. Check out a sample I have used this year: Sample 1


Currently, there are 3 types of games children can play. Basketball, Soccer and Deal/No Deal. The games contain questions from old state exams and are grouped into similar topics. The site was built following this order: Home Page => Subject => Topic => List of Games => Actual Game. As you can see, you need to go through a few pages before you reach the games. This was done to make the site as categorized as possible.

Unique Game ID #

As mentioned earlier, each game has an ID #. This was done to allow students fast access to a particular game without having to “dig” or “search” through the site. An example: [Evidence of Earths Shape Game (ID # 21)]: Here you can see that the ID for this game is 21. If you think this game would benefit your students, simply tell them to plug the number 21 into the “Find Game by ID #” box located in the upper right hand corner. Once you find a game, you can find it any time by entering its ID # in the “FIND GAME BY ID #” text box on the right hand side of any page. This will bring you right to the game.

Search Feature

Finding the particular topic you are currently working on could take a long time if you had to search through each game, so a very powerful search function is built into the site. The built in search engine is an extremely powerful tool to help you find the particular game/topic you are looking for. This can be accessed from any page on the right hand side. If you are looking for a game on “immunology” and you get no results, try to broaden your search term by using “immune” instead.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use the “contact us” link on every page to ask for help.

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