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Welcome to ScienceReviewGames.com, your FREE, fun and interactive site to help you study for science exams! Here you can play games on science in formats such as basketball, soccer and grade or no grade all while reviewing science topics! Test review just got fun!

Click on a science subject to the right to get started, then find the science topic you are currently learning or want to study for, then click on the game you want to play or enter a game id number provided by your teacher! That’s it! Enjoy the games!

IMPORTANT NOTE (APRIL 15TH 2014): The games featured on this website were created in flash format almost 10 years ago. Technology has advanced since then and flash is now obsolete and has been replaced. This site will continue to function while on a desktop or laptop but will not allow game play in a mobile or tablet environment. We have added code alerting our users if the site will not function on their platform and have provided them a link to our sister site, http://reviewgamezone.com which can provide review games in a format compatible on mobile phones and tablets. If you have not visited our sister site please take a few minutes. You will notice that it is much more modern and technologically advanced, contains several hundred more question sets and even allows teachers to input and create their own games. Thank you for your support over the years.

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